Thursday, August 12, 2010

Scenes from the ward part 1

Recently several board members and friends of Project Ed Bear were invited to tour the ward at Akron Children's hospital. We got to take a peek at some of the wonderful things project Ed Bear provides for the kids.

I had my husband Matt take a few pictures with his iphone (so they arent the best pictures) as we toured and will show you a peek from time to time.

Today we will be looking at the Outpatient area where the children come in to have their chemo.

Each room is outfitted with toys, televisions and brightly colored artwork. (Some created by the kids while at Camp Chops)

This for example is the Princess Room:

And another treatment room: You can see more toys here as well

The tv in each treatment room also has a DVD player. The patients have access to a complete library of DVDs provided by Project Ed Bear

They also have access to board games as well. Here is a small board game stash (the larger stash in in the Inpatient area)

and activity packs

The outpatient area is also decorated with several awesome murals. All of them have a bear hiding somewhere in the mural. This was my favorite Bear-nie Kosar

I hope you've enjoyed seeing just a small part of how the money raised by Project Ed Bear provides comforts and needs to the children. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned to see the Inpatient area, the Teen Room, the PLAY room and the of course the bear cave.

Sarah Rice


  1. Sarah..Thank you for posting a few of the ways that Project Ed Bear bring comfort and provide needs for the pediatric oncology patients at Akron Childrens Hospital!

  2. Project Ed Bear is amazing in all that they do for these kids! My daughter was inpatient most of the time during her treatment and everything that Project Ed Bear provides really does help and give comfort to the kids. Thanks for everything!

  3. Looks great! I got to see the updated waiting room when I went to visit some staff in the Oncology clinic. Wish we would have had that when I was a patient in there! So glad you guys are able to do that for them.

  4. What awesome murals, the kids probably really feel better seeing that. I know they're comfortable; but this surely likes they've done a wonderful job making them as comfortable as possible.

    What all do you have in the activity packs? Do people donate those, or through donations they are purchased?