Sunday, March 18, 2012

Welcome to 2012

We have AMAZING things happening this year at Project Ed Bear.

Here are just a few things that we are up to.

1. We are in the process of being the subject of a documentary that will feature many of our kids and Akron Children's Hospital.

2. We are getting ready for the BEST year of Camp Ed Bear we have ever had. June 1st through June 3rd. Are you ready for a Luau?

3. We have two Friends of Project Ed Bear that are starting an annual Project Ed Bear Golf Outing.Details to follow!

4. We are hosting The Mad Hatters Tea once again in September as part of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

5. We are once again teaming up with Camp Quality for their Childhood Cancer Day on September 8th.

6. We are gathering together with other not for profits together that benefit our children suffering from cancer during the month of September to promote Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

7. We will launch LIV THRU ART at a Gallery opening at Studio 2091 in Cuyahoga Falls on September 29th, 2012 and will feature the art of our Project Ed Bear children. They will be there to be the stars of the evening and will enjoy having a large crowd admire their work.

8. The Gala/Auction this year will be held on Monday, November 26th and will be the best one yest. We had 687 people in attendance last year. The children walked the red carpet to receive their OUTSTANDING BRAVERY AWARD and were announced on stage by Tim and Christy from 97.5 WONE. It was WONDERFUL and EMOTIONAL. Make plans to be there this year.

I have SEVERAL other things on the schedule including our interaction with the University of Akron Athletics and will announce that as we firmly schedule events in.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT . Our website is under construction and is due to launch on JUNE 1st. You will be able to print out auction forms, interact, read what is going on, read about featured children,read about our scholarship winners, donate online, look at auction items on line and view the documentary that I mentioned above. We are very excited about it.

We are opening a twitter account and already have a Project Ed Bear Page that I would love to have you join on Facebook.

We awarded a record number of college scholarships in 2011 which makes my heart sing. The great news is that it looks like we will an even larger number this year.

Stay tuned for more information.
If can be reached at or 330-714-8839

Please let others know about the blog and the website so we can connect with as many people as possible. You all know their is power in numbers!

Susan Summerville
Co-Founder Project Ed Bear